Hogsmeade, Scotland

A tiny wizarding village, just a few miles up the road from the British wizards' academy, Hogwarts.
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  • Two pints and a goat [DONE]
    1, 2, 3by Rabastan Lestrange » Wed, 2010.03.03 08:03
    20 Replies
    Last post by Rabastan Lestrange
    Sun, 2010.03.07 16:55
  • A new Day [closed]
    1, 2by William Bishop » Fri, 2009.06.19 07:46
    18 Replies
    Last post by William Bishop
    Wed, 2009.07.01 08:23
  • Summer Begins [Roddy] [DONE]
    by Severus Snape » Sat, 2009.06.06 06:02
    7 Replies
    Last post by Rodolphus Lestrange
    Sat, 2009.06.06 06:59

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