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Alin Drago in
Supper Plans (Open)
Sun, 2013.01.27 06:45

Alin Drago in
Air is fresh
Thu, 2013.01.17 02:19

Andrya Scova in
Fresh Air (Andrya, Alin)
Fri, 2012.02.10 00:22

Andrya Scova in
Sun, 2011.06.19 04:27

Andrya Scova in
St. Mungo's Hallow's Eve Ball (Open)
Sun, 2011.06.19 04:18

Rodolphus Lestrange in
The Doing of Things What Oughtn't Be Done [Severus, Lucius]
Thu, 2011.06.02 07:57

Andrya Scova in
An Animal Day (Denathaniel)[Done]
Sun, 2010.10.17 03:25

Rodolphus Lestrange in
Seraphic Rabbits at the West Amberlin [OPEN]
Mon, 2010.08.09 05:06

Severus Snape in
A Funny Thing Happened On the Way To the Forum
Fri, 2010.08.06 22:27

Rabastan Lestrange in
Lady Swallow, or Damn That Witch Can Dance [Syrian, OPEN]
Fri, 2010.07.16 20:11

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Welcome to Amortentia Dolorosa
The posts on this site may contain graphic violence, mature themes,
and/or nudity and adult situations. Not for kids in other words.

Amortentia Dolorosa -- the temptation to love pain, in Wizarding Latin, and a rather apt description of Pureblood feelings in 1974. Of course, whether you take it to mean schadenfreude or masochism is up to you...

Voldemort's rise to power is well under way, fuelled by the vacancy left by the fall of Grindelwald in 1945 and the recent outbreaks of violence related to the tensions in Ireland. Many a Wizard believes that the only way to stop the senseless barbarity of the Muggle world is to assume power over it, and that the way to assume power is to demonstrate it. The Dark Lord, himself, has been heard to say that national pride is irrelevant -- that it is only Wizarding blood that matters.

Enter this vertigo, a young Wizard, impressionable and horrified at the state of British affairs, and what it may come to mean for the Wizarding World. How will you choose to shape the future? Where do your loyalties lie, and how deep do they run?

This game is intended as a window into the first Wizarding War, and as such, focuses on very dark themes. If you, the player, are under the age of 18, you may not join us, but there are many other HP RPGs in the world that are made for an underage player.

We are not currently accepting light-aspected characters. If your character is not inclined toward the darker parts of (demi)human nature, whether through Voldemort's ideals or their own dented morality, this is not an appropriate place to play it.

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View the latest post Registration Disabled

This site has not received any RP posts since February. Registration for new users is now closed, so I don't have to keep checking for spammers. If you've got a thread going that you want to continue, feel free! If you were thinking of inviting a friend to join you in a thread, please PM me, and I'll handle your friend's registration by hand.

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View the latest post UPDATE: phpBB 3.0.9

I've updated the board to 3.0.9. I don't expect too many problems, as we don't usually have trouble with the auto-update packages, but if anything isn't working properly, please send me a PM.

Also, I have made some changes to the settings in the hopes of getting rid of the particularly persistent case of spambots we have. If I've deleted anyone's account who actually meant to file an application? Do yourself a favour and re-read the rules before making another account, because if I couldn't tell you from a spambot, you're doing it wrong.

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View the latest post IP Range Banned

If you are one of our regular players, and cannot log in because the board thinks you're a spammer, please contact myself or Arcturus to get your IP cleared. I'm pretty sure I didn't hit anyone with a real account, but I did also just ban an entire Class A network (16,777,216 IPs), so...

If you need your IP cleared, please use the contact form to tell us your character name and the name of your ISP, so we can both verify that you are one of our players and attempt to clear up your IP range in a way that doesn't let the spammers back in.

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