Willi's Thoughts

Does your character keep a diary? Some sort of personal account of things that isn't for the eyes of others, but makes for great character development? Post here!

Willi's Thoughts

Postby William Bishop » Sun, 2009.07.12 02:21

After another long night of tending bar Willi was exhausted. it had been a while since he had spoken with that Lestrange character.
"What is taking so damn long"he spoke to himself "I told him what he asked did he think I was lying?"

To come so close to what he truly wanted and yet so far be denied was just unbearable to him. he had tried to answer all the questions without a single bit of lie to it, but he had not been prepared for that very last question.

"The magic I do is very special to me and I disclose that very often. Hell the only thing I could think of in a pince like that was "the fun ones". What type of answer was that badger?" he said to his dog. " I mean that could be construed as so many things. I mean honestly if I have to i will send him an owl to see what the hell."
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