[Letters] To: Rodolphus | From: Rabastan

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[Letters] To: Rodolphus | From: Rabastan

Postby Rabastan Lestrange » Sun, 2009.07.05 16:55

*~Late Afternoon, June 15th, 1974~*

Roddy -

HE needs your help with something. Find out if William Bishop (photo attached) of Bainbridge, New York, USA is any relation to Bridget Bishop of Salem, Massachusetts, USA. I'll need the proof by tomorrow afternoon, if you can work that fast. If not, I'll tell him it's coming, and you'll eat the Crucio.

So, did you actually pass, or do you have to retake your NEWTs next spring?

Don't die until you get me an answer, fuckface.

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Re: [Letters] To: Rodolphus | From: Rabastan

Postby Rodolphus Lestrange » Sun, 2009.07.05 17:53

*~Early Morning, June 16th, 1974~*


Oh, aye, a right fuckin' wit you are, this fine evening. Of course I passed, you soddy gobshite. And I did it with better grades than you had.

At least you've got the sense to come to me for the things you don't know from your arse.

From William Bishop to Bridget BishopWilliam Bishop b. 1954
son of: Philip Bishop and Sabina Bassett, both of Wizarding blood.

Philip Bishop b. 1927
son of: Gideon Bishop and Matilda Hobbs, both of Wizarding blood

Gideon Bishop b. 1885
son of: Jeremiah Bishop and Chastity Warren, both of Wizarding blood

Jeremiah Bishop b. 1849
son of: Matthias Bishop and Deliverance Bassett, both of Wizarding blood

Matthias Bishop b. 1816
son of: Jackson Bishop and Ophidia Prewett, both of Wizarding blood

Jackson Bishop b. 1779
son of: George Bishop, Jr. and Humility Wildes, both of Wizarding blood

George Bishop, Jr. b. 1754
son of: George Bishop and Sarah Warren, both of Wizarding blood

George Bishop b. 1732
son of: Ezekiel Bishop and Hepzibah Hobbs, both of Wizarding blood

Ezekiel Bishop b. 1709
son of: William Bishop and Cyrene Rosier, both of Wizarding blood

William Bishop b. 1688
son of: Samuel Bishop and Mary (Warren) Jones, both of Wizarding blood

Samuel Bishop b. 1665
son of: Edward Bishop and Sara Wildes, both of Wizarding blood

Edward Bishop, Jr. b. 1648
son of: Edward Bishop and Hannah Raymond, both of Wizarding blood
stepson of: Bridget (Playfair) Bishop

Wizarding blood in all cases confirmed by records from either the Salem Witches' Institute or Hogwarts.

So, no. Technically, he's not related at all, but he is a Pureblood Bishop. Without the Salem Institute records, I'd have said he was related to Bridget, myself, but Edward and Bridget married in the early 1680s, and Edward, Jr. was born in 1648.

You're still an arsehole, springing this on me so quick. My work's done, so the Crucio is all yours. Hope you choke on it.

No love,
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