UPDATE: phpBB 3.0.6

We'll have a sidebar, one of these days, and when we do, the content will come from here. Admin-only posting, but you can read it to see what we're up to.

UPDATE: phpBB 3.0.6

Postby Gellert Grindelwald » Mon, 2009.11.23 15:33

[=EDIT=] Bugger it. I can't get the mod to work with this version. This will in no way affect your use of the board, but it's gonna kill our search rankings...

[=EDIT=] The update, itself, is finished, but viewtopic.php has taken some damage due to a conflict with the Advanced Meta Tags mod. I'll be re-applying the mod by hand, on that file, after I get back from some RL stuff. In the mean time, we're using the unmodified update file, so I'm disabling posting, for right now, until I'm sure everything's square. We should be back up later today.

For those ... like three of you who drop in occasionally, this is an update warning. Later today (read: somewhere between fifteen minutes and four hours from now) we'll be going temporarily offline, while we run the update script. I expect this will break several mods, so we'll be down a wee bit longer while I fix the damage done.

On the bright side, the new version does introduce Atom feeds. I'm not sure about the granularity of the feeds, yet, but I'd been avoiding getting a mod for RSS, because I've been waiting for this. Not that we have enough players for it to matter, yet... *shrugs* IDGAF. We should be able to handle some decent plot, all the same, if we ever get off our asses and post. Lazy admin is lazy. *reshrugs*

Anyway... Update is happening. Srsly. At worst, we'll be back in a couple days. At best, we'll be back this afternoon.
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