New BBcodes!

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New BBcodes!

Postby Gellert Grindelwald » Thu, 2010.02.18 20:12

There are two new BBcodes, courtesy of my sanity...

Name: Datestamp
About: Use this to surround the datestamps for new threads. Just type in the weekday, month, day, and year, and surround them in the stamp tag!
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[stamp]Saturday, April 13th, 1974[/stamp]

*~ Saturday, April 13th, 1974 ~*

Name: Translation
About: If you have a character who speaks a foreign language, use this tag to provide English translations for other players. Hover your mouse over the example to see it in action!
Code: Select all
[t=I speak French badly.]Je parle mal le fran├žais.[/t]

Je parle mal le fran├žais.
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