Lucius Malfoy

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Lucius Malfoy

Postby Lucius Malfoy » Mon, 2009.06.08 10:30

Basic Information
  • Name: Lucius Malfoy
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 20
    [=Please contact an admin before applying for these traits=]
  • Species: Wizard
    Occlumens to the level of a wizard of perhaps 50 years.
    [=End admin pre-approved traits=]
  • Skin Colour: White
  • Hair Colour: Blond
  • Eye Colour: Grey
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 145
  • Tattoos: Dark Mark
  • Scars: The occasional faded mark from Quidditch or a bar brawl.
Wizard Traits
  • Describe your wand.
    • Length: 13"
    • Core: Dragon Heartstring
    • Wood: Elm
  • Familiar: Eagle Owl named Octavian
  • Patronus: Peacock
  • Bloodline: Pureblood
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  • Animagus?: (Y/N. If Y, list type.)
  • Parseltongue?:
  • Other?:
    [=End admin pre-approved traits=]
  • Type: ENTJ
  • Likes:
    Intelligent conversation, Having friends with whom I don't have to keep up the Malfoy facade, Good liquor, Good books, Working on one of my endless research projects, Music, Time to myself in which I'm not responsible to anyone.
  • Dislikes:
    My father and his rules, Stupid people, Artificial limits on knowledge, Artificial anything, really,
  • Fears: Getting disinherited, pissing off Narcissa again, pissing off my father again.
  • Greatest Desire:
    To someday see a better Wizarding World, where children aren't held back in their learning by the ill-preparedness of their peers.
  • Worst Fear:
    Turning into my father. I don't want to spend my whole life living only as society dictates a pureblood wizard should.
  • How would your friends describe you?
    Rich, for one. Oh, that's certainly not all they'll say, but that's probably the first thing out of their mouths. Mostly because I don't pick my true friends by their money, or even by their bloodlines, as much as that horrifies my father. I pick friends who are interesting, intelligent people. Severus, I'm not sure what he'd say. I'm not sure he realises that I like him, not just consider him useful. If I didn't find him interesting, he wouldn't have a portkey to the Manor. Roddy, well, that depends on who asks, and when. If one doesn't know him well, he's likely to make some flippant remark about me being pretty, or some such. Narcissa, well, what she'd say about me depends on her mood. Most of the time she likes me, and she certainly values my brain.
  • What do you like best about yourself?
    I'm undeniably proud of my intelligence. And my ability to converse reasonably with anyone. I like that I'm able to make connections wherever I go.
  • What do you like least about yourself?
    My willingness to follow in the steps my father has laid out for me. I just have trouble seeing a way to break out of the Malfoy pattern. After all, I wouldn't want to be disinherited, and if I don't do as I'm told at least some of the time, that's all too likely to happen.
  • Hometown: Wiltshire, England
  • Academy: Hogwarts (Slytherin)
  • Profession: Rich Dilletante
  • Pets: The family peacocks on the grounds, I suppose.
  • Family:
    Mother: Aurelia Morreaud
    Father: Abraxas Malfoy
  • Significant Other: Narcissa Black
  • History:

    Lucius lost his mother at the tender age of four, being raised from that point on by his father. This led to a rather stiff and formal manner, as he was rarely around other children outside of formal parties and the like, until he reached Hogwarts.

    During his time at Hogwarts, he made friends of varying ages, as well as having the friends that were socially approved of by his father. He was a Beater on the Slytherin Quidditch team, and eventually became its Captain. This was in addition to his Prefecture, which eventually led to his becoming Head Boy. His grades were near, if not always the very top of his year. From his fifth year onwards he was seen more and more frequently in the company of Narcissa Black. Despite this apparent attachment, he spent some time with the other marriageable girls of Slytherin for a while, apparently sounding out his choices.

    By the time he left school, he and Narcissa seemed to have settled into a relationship more firmly. Deciding to further his education, he spent the next year in higher education in France, the opportunity provided by the connections to his mother's family there. In the last year, he has attended some conferences on higher magics in varying places around the world, but is primarily based at Malfoy Manor, due to his dependence on his father's monies.
Other Notes:
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Re: Lucius Malfoy

Postby Arcturus Black » Mon, 2009.06.08 10:39

The admins have seen this application and are considering it. Any questions, comments, or requests we have are included below this stamp. Please watch this thread for a final judgement.
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Re: Lucius Malfoy

Postby Gellert Grindelwald » Tue, 2009.06.09 01:27

Congratulations! Your character has been approved, and the IC forums are now open to you!
Please examine the Rules one more time before making your first post.
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