Lord Voldemort

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Lord Voldemort

Postby Lord Voldemort » Thu, 2009.06.18 01:36

Basic Information
  • Name: I am Lord Voldemort ((That's Tom Marvolo Riddle, to you anagram freaks.))
  • Gender: M
  • Birthdate: December 31, 1926
  • Age: 47
    [=Please contact an admin before applying for these traits=]
  • Species: Human
    [=End admin pre-approved traits=]
  • Skin Colour: Candle-tanned white
  • Hair Colour: Jet black
  • Eye Colour: Dark and bloodshot
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 180 lbs ((He's lost a lot of weight since leaving school.))
  • Tattoos: None that you know about. ((Of course, he's always dressed to the wrists and ankles, so who can be sure? But, to those few who have seen him roll up his sleeves, in the last twenty years, he has a tattoo of J√∂rmungandr on the inside of his left wrist.))
  • Scars: Nothing noticeable.
Wizard Traits
  • Describe your wand.
    • Length: 13.5
    • Core: Phoenix feather
    • Wood: Yew
  • Familiar: A serpent named Nagini
  • Patronus: An iaculus ((That's a snake with a pointy head and wings to you folks who don't do 12th century cryptozoology.))
  • Bloodline: Pureblood ((Or that's what he's telling you. He's actually only half.))
    [=Please contact an admin before applying for these traits=]
  • Animagus?: N
  • Parseltongue?: Y
  • Other?: Legilimens
    [=End admin pre-approved traits=]
  • Type: INTJ
  • Likes:
    Snakes, power, the bolstering splay of history, theatre, elegance
  • Dislikes:
    Failure, impotence, ferrets, people who cannot correctly intuit their positions in a larger scene, disrespect
  • Fears: Death, failure, being wrong
  • Greatest Desire: To know myself all-powerful, eternal, and revered.
  • Worst Fear: Death. Ignominious death. ((To snatch a quote on the matter...))
  • How would your friends describe you?
    Friends? Oh, I suppose you mean Rebecca, Cygnus, and Deimos, don't you... Well, Rebecca still finds me charming, even now. It's the first word she picks, even after all these years, usually followed by exciting. Her husband, Cygnus, was always drawn to my better qualities, "cunning", he calls me, and "heroic". And dear Deimos would label me "inspirational and bold". I should know -- I just asked.
    ((While Voldemort cannot love, he can still experience fondness, as that can just as easily be linked to enjoyment. He enjoys these people, greatly, and they have been with him since he was in school -- Rebecca Lestrange, Cygnus Yaxley, and Deimos Avery.))

  • What do you like best about yourself?
    I'm handsome, immortal, and on a mission to better the world. What's not to like? ((He's also an arrogant, cheeky bastard.))

  • What do you like least about yourself?
    I cannot get my plans moving swiftly enough. Even in Wizards' years, it is taking a terribly long time to track down that damnable wand.
  • Hometown: Little Hangleton
  • Academy: Hogwarts (Slytherin)
  • Profession: Politician? Messiah?
  • Pets: Do the Death Eaters count?
  • Family:
    Mother: Merope Gaunt (deceased)
    Father: Tom Riddle (deceased)
    Mother's Father: Marvolo Gaunt (deceased)
    Mother's Brother: Morfin Gaunt (imprisoned)
  • Significant Other: You're joking, right?
  • History:
    Tom Riddle, Jr. was raised in an meagre Muggle orphanage, as his birth coincided with the end of his mother's life, and the extinction of the Gaunt family as a Pureblood line. He was a quiet child, given to subtle viciousness and sneakthieving, but even in those days, he knew himself destined for greater things.

    The first hint of those greater things came in the form of Albus Dumbledore, who arrived shortly before his eleventh birthday to let him in on the secret that he was, in fact, a Wizard, and was to be invited to study at a school of magic, in Scotland. Tom was, of course, unsurprised by this revelation, as he had already discovered his powers over his environment and the creatures in it, and also his ability to converse with snakes. He assumed, incorrectly, upon Dumbledore's confirmation of his powers, that his mother had been the Muggle, since he'd been left in a Muggle orphanage, upon her death.

    He was, in his time at Hogwarts, a talented student in most areas, but remained unsatisfied by accomplishment, alone. His talent, charisma, and handsome appearance drew other like-minded Slytherins to him, most notably Rebecca Lestrange, Cygnus Yaxley, Corbin Rosier, and Deimos Avery. Together, they studied Grindelwald's ideals, as he rose to power, and wholeheartedly embraced the idea of Pureblooded rule.

    In his fifth year, he learned the location of the Chamber of Secrets, and despite the tale that only the heir of Slytherin, himself, could open it, he pursued a solution. Fancying himself a problem solver, Tom applied himself, and found that the enchantments fell easily, before him. It was at this time that he knew himself to have descended from Salazar Slytherin. His sense of self-worth grew immeasurably, and he rechristened himself -- "I am Lord Voldemort," he told his compatriots, "and one day that will be the name all Wizards fear to speak."

    At the end of that year, after successfully pinning the opening of the Chamber on one Rubeus Hagrid, he sought his family -- discovering, to his disgust, his mother's deranged and inbred brother and his father's unmistakeably Muggle family. In a rage, he slew the Riddle family and had his uncle convicted of the murders, and sent to Azkaban. Of course, not a man to miss an opportunity, he claimed what little of value he could find in the Gaunt house -- an ill-set ring, with a black stone bearing some sort of signet.

    In his final year at Hogwarts, Tom managed to be both Slytherin Prefect and Head Boy. He was also granted a Medal for Magical Merit. He was, in the words of Dumbledore, "probably the most brilliant student Hogwarts has ever seen."

    Following his time at Hogwarts, Tom -- for he was still Tom, for a while, yet -- took a job at Borgin and Burke's, in Knockturn Alley. His silver-tongued charisma served them well, as he collected Wizarding antiquities for them, cheaply and easily. He left the job, suddenly, in 1946, after slaying a witch named Hepzibah Smith, when she refused to part with Slytherin's locket -- which had been his mother's -- and Hufflepuff's cup. Her death enabled him to make a Horcrux of the cup.

    For ten years, then, he wandered the world, seeking out the practitioners of the Dark Arts of many nations and traditions. His arsenal of spells grew broad and fierce, augmented by traditions from outside the European Wizarding fold. In other parts of the world, magics banned for centuries in England were still practised, with little fear of reprisal.

    Upon his return, Tom ceased to be Tom, calling himself only Lord Voldemort, and looking up a few friends from school, to join his push for Wizarding superiority. The Knights of Walpurgis, they called themselves, at first, but by 1965, they had widely become known as the Death Eaters, and the sons of many a Pureblood family were scrambling to join him.

    He spoke against the prejudices so common to the Muggle world, bringing forth an image of the world united under the iron fist of Wizarding rule. No more would Wizards fear reprisals for using magic. No more would Muggles be permitted to dull the keen edge of pure Wizarding blood. In the nearly feudal utopia he described, the Muggles would be as peasants, working to support their Wizard-Lords, and he would sit as King, over all. It would be an easy life, devoted to research and betterment of spellcraft, and avoiding the mistakes of the past.

    But, the iron fist of which he spoke did not lay dormant, in these times. Voldemort and his Death Eaters struck out against those who opposed his plans, not with the finely wrought words that won over his followers, but with forbidden magics and the Dark Arts. Above the location of each kill, his Knights left a mark -- the Skull and Serpent, in Slytherin-emerald stars. None would forget the face of his vengeance.
Other Notes:
  • Are you playing any other characters here? Yes, and the Admins know who.
For on men in general this observation may be made: they are ungrateful, fickle, and deceitful, eager to avoid dangers, and avid for gain, and while you are useful to them, they are all with you, offering their blood, their property, their lives and their sons, so long as danger is remote, but when it approaches they turn on you.
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Re: Lord Voldemort

Postby Gellert Grindelwald » Tue, 2009.06.23 22:47

The admins have seen this application and are considering it. Any questions, comments, or requests we have are included below this stamp. Please watch this thread for a final judgement.

Good on finally finishing this. That's a hell of a history, and I can see what took so long. ;) Arcturus should be in with the final judgement later.
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Re: Lord Voldemort

Postby Arcturus Black » Mon, 2009.06.29 05:32

Congratulations! Your character has been approved, and the IC forums are now open to you!
Please examine the Rules one more time before making your first post.
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