Leo McCree

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Leo McCree

Postby Leo McCree » Sat, 2009.12.12 22:16

Basic Information
  • Name:
    Leo McCree
  • Gender:
  • Age:
    [=Please contact an admin before applying for these traits=]
  • Species:
    [=End admin pre-approved traits=]
  • Skin Colour:
  • Hair Colour:
  • Eye Colour:
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Tattoos:
    A circle on the inside of my left wrist and a Phoenix on the inside of my right wrist/forearm
  • Scars:
Wizard Traits
  • Describe your wand.
    • Length:
      11 and a half inches
    • Core:
      Phoenix Feather
    • Wood:
      Ebony with a Holly handle
    • Familiar:
      Owl named George
    • Patronus:
    • Bloodline:
      [=Please contact an admin before applying for these traits=]
    • Animagus?: (Y/N. If Y, list type.)
    • Parseltongue?:
    • Other?:
      [=End admin pre-approved traits=]
    • Type:
    • Likes:
      I like to travel as much as possible. Life is an adventure but I also value the importance of friends and family and my loyalties to both come before all else!
    • Dislikes:
      I dislike all those who seek to take advantage of the weak or anyone whom "they" feel is "less-then" themselves.
    • Fears:
      That I will not be able to protect those that I love; that the dark forces will overcome the good; that people will lose hope.
    • Greatest Desire:
      To be happy and feel that I am making a positive difference in the world.
    • Worst Fear:
      That I will not be able to protect and save all the people that I love and all the people that I possibly can from the dark forces looming.
    • How would your friends describe you?
      Loyal, brave, stubborn, creative, funny, strong-willed
    • What do you like best about yourself?
      My determination and my unfaltering love and loyalty to my friends and family
    • What do you like least about yourself?
      My stubbornness, my moodiness and the fact that I can sometimes act before thinking things all the way out though-roughly
    • Hometown:
      Godric's Hollow
    • Academy:
    • Profession:
    • Pets:
      Just my Owl
    • Family:
      My Mum and Dad still live in Godric's Hollow but they also have a small flat in Edinburgh as well. I also have an older brother, Aiden who travels a lot working with dragons.
    • Significant Other:
      I have a girlfriend whom I would like to marry one day. We are both Gryffindor's and I was smitten with her from the moment I saw her.
    • History:
    When I went to Hogwarts I was a proud Gryffindor (still am!). I was never top in my marks, but I did my best and it seemed that I was able to get enough O.W.L.S. to continue in my studies into the N.E.W.T. level in order to continue my pursuits to be an Auror!
    I was Gryffindor's Keeper for four years and my love for Quidditch, for flying and for my sudden growth spurt really helped me to become an excellent player
    Other Notes:
    • Are you playing any other characters here?
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Leo McCree
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Re: Leo McCree

Postby Arcturus Black » Mon, 2009.12.14 03:55

Mr. McCree,
I have the feeling that while you have created a reasonable character, he would be a bad fit for this site. We are actually an RP devoted at this time to exploring the darker side of the wizarding world. While we have nothing against the other side of things, it was an admin decision to focus on the dark side of things so as to allow us to give a reasonable amount of attention to our players. If you actually mean for this character to explore the darker side of things, then perhaps you can discuss your intentions in a PM.

Cordially Yours,
Arcturus Black
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