Alin Drago

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Alin Drago

Postby Alin Drago » Tue, 2010.03.16 03:40

Basic Information
  • Name: Alin Drago
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthdate: 1954.10.17
  • Age: 20
    [=Please contact an admin before applying for these traits=]
  • Species: Human
    [=End admin pre-approved traits=]
  • Skin Colour: White with a gray tint.
  • Hair Colour: Black (white roots and eyebrows indicate black dye was used).
  • Eye Colour: Icy blue.
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 158 pounds
  • Tattoos: A single bat wing on small of back.
  • Scars: Upside down triangle on left shoulder, two scars on either side from the shoulder blades to the hips.
Wizard Traits
  • Describe your wand.
    • Length: 12"
    • Core: Ashwinder Ash
    • Wood: Ivy
  • Familiar: Snow white weasel, Cosmin.
  • Patronus: Barn Owl.
  • Bloodline: Pureblood
    [=Please contact an admin before applying for these traits=]
  • Animagus?: (Y/N. If Y, list type.)
  • Parseltongue?:
  • Other?:
    [=End admin pre-approved traits=]
  • Type: INTJ
  • Likes: Intelligent and reasonably-minded individuals, 'alone time' in which to read or sketch, finding ways to avoid the prying eyes of my family, sitting in the sidelines until all others become incompetent, a good cup of tea... with plenty of sugar.
  • Dislikes: The conformists that do so simply for the idea to 'fit in', excessively loud people, muggles in general, the color yellow.
  • Fears: Wide open areas, anyone who is beyond filthy, being taken back to the family.
  • Greatest Desire: To wipe out the rest of the Draculescu.
  • Worst Fear: Forced back to Dracul...
  • How would your friends describe you? Stubborn, level-headed unless something just hits me the wrong way, likely to hide inside myself (hide feelings and emotions), unable to trust for the first little while, a 'book worm', and strangely enough, random, for there are days where even I can see I have some spectacular mood swings.
  • What do you like best about yourself? Artistic abilities, which was simply wasted at the family home.
  • What do you like least about yourself? My inability to get along with most of the world's population - it can be rather lonely.
  • Hometown: Braşov, Transylvania (Oraşul Stalin at time of birth)
  • Academy: Durmstrang
  • Profession: Artist - Portrait work (soft pastel and acrylic paint), sumi-e, and simple charcoal sketches.
  • Pets: Numerous breeds of snake and a Fennec Fox
  • Family:
    +Father - Dracul II
    +Mother - Crina
    +Siblings - Cosmin, Valeriu, Fane, and Stephania.
  • Significant Other:
  • History:
    Alin was born into the well hidden Draculescu family, descendants of the supposed illegitimate child of Alexandru Coconul, Radu Gioan Bey. This gave the family reason to believe they were part of the Drăculeşti family, branch of Basarab. However, Draculescu simply came from the fact that Dracul was the first head of this branch, making the meaning 'son [escu] of Dracul' rather than 'sons of dragon', the meaning of Drăculeşti. Alin was child number four out of five, making him the one to be pushed into the background. His sister, Stephania, was even more important than he was in the end. (This might not seem as much to many, but the Draculescu held strict beliefs from past generations that daughters were simply not as important as sons, though none of them if this was something that came from the Drăculeşti or not.) He grew up as a lonesome child, hiding away in the study while his siblings went outside. He had but two friends - a tiger cub smuggled into the country named Odji and the family advisor, Ambroise.

    Ambroise taught Alin all the available information of France. In a few years, Alin became the scholarly child, a feat the Draculescu considered almost meaningless despite the benefits, and was sitting in military meetings at the age of nine. However, any advice he mumbled was shot down by his father and eventually, he just stopped attending - he never was able to stand criticism. When Dracul sent Ambroise back to France merely to spite to his son, Alin locked himself away for almost two years, taking food from the servants (there were no house elves for reasons his father would not elaborate) and speaking to no one save the occasional letter to Ambroise to tell him of academic achievements. He only came out upon the promise of being sent to Durmstrang.

    He spent most of his teenage life at Durmstrang, refusing to go home when the option was available. Upon returning for break right before his last year, a fight with Dracul led to said man destroying all of Alin's artwork, killing Odji just to spite Alin, and then attacking him ferociously. Not but two days later, Alin was thrown out with only the clothes on his back and three marks that would leave scars as a remainder of his 'betrayl of the family'. Despite the setback, he returned to Durmstrang to finish school and graduated in the top ten of his class.

    After the ceremony, Alin spit some rather harsh words at his family and went to England, where he hoped to get away from his family for life...
Other Notes:
  • Are you playing any other characters here? No.
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Re: Alin Drago

Postby Gellert Grindelwald » Tue, 2010.03.16 20:19

The admins have seen this application and are considering it. Any questions, comments, or requests we have are included below this stamp. Please watch this thread for a final judgement.

As the first admin to look at this, I have to express some concerns.

First, coloured contacts were not available in 1974. The patent for "Laminated Cosmetic Contact Lenses" was registered in 1992, and those are the lenses you're most likely referring to, as this is the style we're most used to seeing, in the modern era. Other styles of coloured contact were registered in 1987 and 1988, and while the first reference to an artificial iris in a lens is in 1970, those lenses, as far as I know, never went into a noticeable production run.

Second, 'Draculescu'? As in 'sons of the dragon', the ruling family of Wallachia in the 1400-1600s, currently the family of the Comte di Schossberg? You're going to have to give me an idea of the political background of the branch of the family you're looking at playing with, since it obviously is one of the political branches, with that background. I just need to keep everybody's politics square, in the background, here.

I was going to say something about the Fennec, but Wikipedia has corrected my assumptions about the availability of Fennec foxes as pets, to those who can afford such things.

Also, you say that Alin is an artist, but I don't see anything about a type of art. Is he a painter, a sculptor, a graffitist? Does he have a particular style that he prefers to work in?
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Re: Alin Drago

Postby Gellert Grindelwald » Wed, 2010.03.17 03:40

Thanks for updating so quickly!

I am, in fact, moderately impressed that you can differentiate between the Draculescu and the Drăculeşti. Your politics are sufficient. I just had to be sure.

Arcturus should be through, soon, with anything he wants to ask about. I just left a note that you've updated, so that should happen as soon as he's next on.
Quidquid latine dictum sil altum viditur.

"It has been said that man is a rational animal. All my life I have been looking for evidence which could support this." - Bertrand Russell
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Re: Alin Drago

Postby Arcturus Black » Wed, 2010.03.17 05:39

Looks good to me. I hadn't commented yesterday, as I didn't have the energy for the necessary research. But Gellert has caught the things I was looking at, and others beside, and your clarifications have made me much more confident about your desired background.

Congratulations! Your character has been approved, and the IC forums are now open to you!

Please examine the Rules one more time before making your first post.
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